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Top Notch DevOps Consulting & Engineering Services

To help our clients increase productivity, shorten time to market, and improve the quality of software builds, our DevOps as a service solution makes use of collaboration, monitoring, tool-chain pipelines, automation, and cloud adoption.

As a well-recognized digital agency, we employ experts who specialise in DevOps. Hence, our team's expertise gives you the benefit of quick application onboarding by automating the whole delivery process and supporting continuous integration, development across the top cloud platforms and much more.

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Our DevOps Services

Our experts have helped different types and sizes of businesses by developing user-friendly and engaging applications. Here are some of our services


DevOps Management

We make quick, efficient and frequent delivery of our products possible by establishing a continuous delivery pipeline as well as continuous integration and continuous deployment. We manage lease management, continuous deployment, replica environment, new server setup, change management, and performance optimization among others.


DevOps Managed Services

Concentrate and prioritize your own product and let us help you manage setting up, installing, and operating infrastructure. Our DevOps managed services help you take better advantage of cloud computing services like Azure and AWS.


DevOps Assessment

To better your automation processes, we create a report that outlines necessary action points. Your DevOps practices, infrastructure, development pipeline and more are evaluated and then the proper tools to improve the processes are selected.


Continuous Testing

Your products are frequently checked and evaluated through continuous testing which helps keep them running smoothly. We generally aim to help our clients automate this process.


DevOps As Cloud Platform

We help our clients implement DevOps on cloud platforms to help them hasten and accelerate their production and workloads as well as manage them simply and securely.


Infrastructure Provisioning: Configuration of VM, EC2

With pre-made templates and scripts that allow you to carry out routine operations swiftly and accurately, this service aids in automating deployment operations.


Continuous release and deployment

The practice of continuous release and deployment has revolutionised the way you can handle code modifications. To help customer satisfaction by facilitating continuous product evolution is what continuous deployment does.


DevOps Automation

We help projects start quickly through the use of our continuous delivery toolchain. We do this by using DevOps from the start. This is possible through the automation of DevOps.


Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring is an automated process that helps to identify and recognize threats to the security of a software development cycle and architecture. The recognized threats are analysed and CM helps to interpret the analytics, after which they can be solved instantaneously.


What do we do?

Through our DevOps practices, we use CI/CD, Consulting, Monitoring and Support to you’re your existing deployment processes easier to maintain as well as hasten the process of product development. Our expert teams have in-depth knowledge of popular DevOps tools like Nagios, Gradle, Jenkins, Puppet, Ansible, Terraform and more. They are also experienced in using and operating Azure DevOps, AWS DevOps, Google Cloud (GCP) and Visual Studio DevOps.

We carry out and manage many services and processes efficiently through the use of different tools and platforms. They are- -Serverless Deployments (AWS Lambda, Azure Functions) -Container Registries (Docker & Kubernetes) -Queues (Kafka, Rabbit mQ) -Notification and Alerts (Cloud front) -Caching Management (Redis, Spark, Memcached).


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